Ginger, vanilla and cloves create an aromatic facial which will relax both the body and the senses.  Prepare for a warming sensation with these spices, and also the expectation of pore refinement and soft/exfoliated skin.  Blended in are 2% salicylic to refine pores and 2% mandelic for skin brightening.  All combine to create the perfectanti-aging, antioxidant facial.

(Skin condition:  Anti-aging, normal/combination skin.  May not be suitable for sensitive or rosacea skin types.)


Packed with Vitamin A & C, the 15% Pumpkin-Orange Enzyme exfoliates and reduces oil while you enjoy the the wonderful smell of pumpkin & orange.  This enzyme dissolves dead skin, while orange provides a beautiful glow to the skin.  Coupled with a refreshing Seaweed Mask which provides proteins, minerals and vitamins that moisturize the skin and provide suppleness.  It also soothes and heals chapped and irritated skin and helps calm down inflammation.

(Skin condition:  Normal and Combination skin.  Resilient skin, as this is a strong enzyme.)


The spiced cider facial has a beautiful medley of fall scents such as nutmeg, cinnamon and crisp apples.  Apples are high in Vitamin C and contain potent antioxidants as well as naturally- occuring malic acid (AHA) to assist in exfoliation.  Nutmeg and cinnamon neutralize free radicals.  It will hydrate, firm and improve skin tones and suppleness.

(Skin condition:  Anti-aging, normal combination skin.  May not be suitable for sensitive or rosacea skin types.)


All the benefits of the Cherry enzyme couple with the Goji Berry Yogurt Mask which helps in rebuilding the skin by stimulating biosynthesis, fibroblast proliferation and by inhibiting MMP'S.  Anti-aging results can be seen by the reduction of lines and wrinkles in addition to an improvement in the skins elasticity.  Yogurt moisturizes, smooths and stimulates cellular regeneration.